Hannibal: Season One Review



Hannibal Lecter is one of my all-time favorite psychopaths. I’ve read three of the four books wherein he makes appearances, but after the disappointment that was Thomas Harris’s Hannibal, I decided not to read Hannibal Rising. Also, some of my problems with previous cinematic depictions of Lecter are fixed in this series. Yes, I’m the odd motherfucker who preferred Brian Cox’s Lecter in the oft overlooked Manhunter over Anthony Hopkins’s performance in Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, and  Red Dragon.


I don’t think Anthony Hopkins ever made Lecter a likable character. At least not as likable as Harris’s creation in the books. Hopkins’s Lecter was scary, sure, but he wasn’t someone you wanted to pal around with. He was too crazy for me. I never fully believed Hopkins’s version was ever a pillar of the community. Mad Mikkelsen’s Lecter is far more likable, and I can easily believe he’s able to draw people in close and have them for dinner. 


More positives concerning this series would be the fantastic sound and set design, the incomparable acting chops of just about every cast member, the fight choreography, the exquisite cinematography, and the nearly-perfect direction. In fact, my only complaint is some of the writing. Certain episodes required huge leaps in logic to succeed, and others were very obvious filler. I dislike the way Crawford’s wife was thrown in for two episodes only to never be heard from again. Hell, she’s not so much as mentioned after her second episode and the damn woman is dying of cancer. It’s How to Cheat at Character Development 101: Do you need to make an audience care about a male character in a little amount of time? Make their wife pregnant or ill. Bam! Insta-feelz!


Having Freddie Lounds as a female in this version of Harris’s Red Dragon universe was a nice twist. The Freddie Lounds of the book was just as vile (some might remember Philip Seymour Hoffman playing the character in the Ed Norton reboot of Red Dragon), but for some reason he’s even moreso as a woman. Is it just me or are heartless women worse than heartless men? Anyway, moving on…


I enjoyed how the first season ended. I wanted to jump right into Season Two, and I did just that. And what a fucking opening, man. The fight sequence that begins the second season is better than most of the fight scenes in modern action movies. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – whoever is doing the fight choreography for Hannibal deserves some kind of award. Absolutely terrific. No other show on television or streaming even comes close. 


Oh, and Hugh Dancy, the actor who plays Will Graham, deserves an Emmy. I love every scene with him in it. Mad Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne are damn good, too, but Dancy steals the show, in my opinion.


In summation: Although the writing is laughable at times, everything else is flawless. Unfortunately, with a show like this, much of my entertainment is derived from the plot. Because of this, I had to give the first season three stars out of five. It’s not quite great yet, but I can see it becoming so.


Final Judgment: Better than the last four seasons of Dexter combined, but not quite as good as a single episode of Breaking Bad.



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Operation: Clearing Out My Audible Library

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin, Roy Dotrice

I was once a huge fan of the HBO show. After a certain someone died, the show grew stale and boring for me. Anyway, back when I was a raging fanboy of the show’s and I didn’t realize that Daenerys was supposed to be a preteen, I bought all the audiobooks. Because I paid for them, I can’t just NOT listen to them. I’m too OCD for that shit. So I’m going through on x3 speed while playing the new RTS game I bought for my tablet. I call this Cruise Control. It’s yet another reason I’m able to read as much as I do and still have time for family and writing. 


Concerning the book: All of Daenerys’s chapters so far have been disturbing. I can’t image writing sex scenes involving a 13 year old, but Martin does it as if he means for it to be tantalizing. I can’t get her age out of my head. I’ll be glad when


Drogo dies, and then I won’t have to listen to that shit anymore.


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Book Haul (Fifty Cent Edition) – 8/29/2015

Everything seen in this post was bought at Cherry Pickers in Prattville, Alabama. They have a huge selection of books, and everything’s the same price, no matter condition or binding: paperbacks, coffee table books, art books, hardcovers… all fifty cents each. I’ve read Red Dragon (it’s one of my favorite thrillers of all time) and The Key to Midnight. I’ve never read a single James Bond novel, so I grabbed Moonraker, and the Straub was a replacement for the ragged copy I own. The Clancy is a first edition and was purchased for resell. The Vonnegut is a book club edition.

Today’s was a minor haul, but we had fun looking around nonetheless. Hopefully we find more hidden gems next weekend. :)

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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Mini Movie Review



Jack Ryan: Into Darkness… I mean, Star Trek: Shadow Recruit… er… That poster is confusing me…


I’m not a Tom Clancy fan. I think that’s why I liked this movie as much as I did. If you traipse over to IMDB you’ll find people complaining about the modernization of Jack Ryan’s world and how this is obvious war-on-terror porn. Considering Clancy wrote cold-war porn, his fan’s vitriol makes me giggle. Chris Pine and Keira Knightly were good, but Kenneth Branagh was great. Kevin Costner was Kevin Costner. Dude’s like Tom Cruise, he plays the same character in every movie: himself. There are unintentionally funny moments, like when Jack falls from the ceiling onto his attacker, but mostly the action is frenetic fun. The entire thing reminded me of a Jason Bourne movie, so if you dig that kind of thing, you should dig this.


In summation: It won’t be winning any awards, but it doesn’t deserve the Clancy-fanboy rage either. If you don’t like the author, there’s a good chance you’ll like this movie. 


Final Judgment: Better than a Michael Bay flick but not as good as one from Paul Greengrass.

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I have a favor to ask of all of you.

An author friend of mine has just signed his hospice papers. We are not close, but the man has been an inspiration to me. I’ve watched, through social media, him live in the shadow of this disease.


I’m at a loss here. I don’t know what else to do for him or his family, because, like I said, we’re not close. I would like your help. If you have five bucks, would you please buy his book. It’s good. I can vouch for the quality, as he and I share a publisher. I think it would be cool for him to see his ranking skyrocket one more time.


Here’s the link to the announcement of his declining condition.


Here’s the link where you can buy his book. It’s historical YA.


If you can’t help by buying a book, perhaps share this post? Anything you can do I’m sure will be appreciated. 


Thank you.


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Randomized Randomocity #175

I’m learning a new language with Duolingo. Doing ten minutes a day. Here’s what I learned today. 


Jag är en man. 


I also learned:


Jag är en flicka.


Jag är en kvinna.




Jag är en pojke


None of those last three apply to me. The last one did at one point in time, but I’ve passed that stage of my life. :)





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Craig Saunders had me over for a chat

One of my favorite people, Craig Saunders, invited me over for a discussion. His questions were damn fun to answer. Believe me when I say that this isn’t your normal interview. 


If you’ve ever been curious about how I read and write as much as I do, whether or not I know how to kill another human being with a banana, or if I’ve ever eaten fermented shark, the answers are HERE!


For those of you bothered by naughty words, this interview has some. Reader discretion is advised, and all that.


Share if you like. I’ve no problem with it.


*hugs and high fives*





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