Ruminating On: North Carolina and Gay Marriage

Ruminating On: North Carolina and Gay Marriage

North Carolina, you are in for it now.

In a country where a Kardashian was married for all of 17 minutes, we refuse a group their civil liberties because of the supposed sanctity of marriage? If you’re reading this, there is a 50/50 chance you have been divorced. Shut up and let these people be happy. Would you refuse a black person the right to sit next to you on the bus? (Alabamians need not answer that question) Would you seriously tell a modern woman that she must stay at home to cook and clean and bear your children, but she can’t vote?

You’re all collective morons and don’t deserve the freedoms you flaunt.

Oh, did I offend you? Well then, please don’t knock any of your teeth out when I tell you to suck it.

Where do you get off denying anyone the right to something you enjoy and take for granted? How do you sleep at night? Yeah, North Carolina, I’m talking to you. I know at least three smart people from that state, so what the hell is wrong with the rest of you?

“Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Fine. You win. But now, I say you shouldn’t be able to get divorced. Yep, that right just got snatched out from underneath you. You have to actually deal with the retarded mushroom you married. And love them, and enjoy their company, and procreate, and have those alien looking Muppets you call children. What? You’re kids don’t look like that? Well, that’s how I see them. Just like you think homosexuality leads to pedophilia and bestiality and whatever else your pea brain can think up, I believe that you’re an inbred hick with cyclopean spawn running the halls of your rickety Deliverance-inspired love-shack. I can play uniformed and ignorant, too. I can stoop down to your level and beat off with the rest of you monkeys. Because all we’re doing now, is shit slinging. That’s primate behavior. You have no argument, because you’re wrong. I’m just hoping you can read, or this will have been a huge waste of my time.

You fall back on The Book of Leviticus when it doesn’t matter anymore. You want to play the religious card? I can, too. Jesus died, wiping out Ye Old Testament and its teachings. Why are you still harping on this? That book also says you shouldn’t whack your mole. You’re trying to tell me you haven’t spilt any seed upon a stone lately? How bout a sock… or a tissue? If you have, you should be put to death. That’s right. Your head plus chopping block equals better world. Oh, and while we’re at it, lets sacrifice a goat.

This is a nonsensical issue, just for the simple fact that it doesn’t involve you. If you don’t approve of gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person. Simple as that. If you’re opposed to gay sex, don’t sleep with a gay person. You seem to have some asinine, preconceived notion that you should have control over who puts what in what hole. If it’s not happening in your bedroom, get over yourself. No one stops you from ramming your Viagra-fueled meat hammer into your wife on a nightly basis while she’s on the pill—which is, by the way, not good in the eyes of The Lord, either. Sex is for procreation, or so The Good Book says. If we’re going to follow one rule, we have to follow all of them.

No wonder Jesus hasn’t come back yet. States like North Carolina keep showing him his shadow.

Screw you and everyone who looks like you.



2 thoughts on “Ruminating On: North Carolina and Gay Marriage

  1. Don’t hold back on us now, E! Tell us how you really feel! 😉
    I never did understand the need to hide behind religion and use it as an excuse or platform for promoting hatred when what it requests, as you state, is unconditional love. Even with that aside, our responsibility toward each other as humans is to love one another and demonstrate tolerance. Treat others as we would want to be treated. If not for ourselves, than for our children. All it takes is one sitting through the news today to see that our current way of thinking and acting isn’t working!

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