A Grammatical Tale of Terror!

Feel free to steal this. Just try and give me credit when possible 🙂

Grammatical Horror

“It was a dark and stormy night,” Vague Antecedent began. “They were going there, expecting it.”

“You’ve peeked my interest. There not going two make it; are they?” Homophone asked.

“Whats going to happen, to them.” Bad Punctuation inquired.

Dangling Participle smiled. “By reading your expression, this story is boring you.”

“U sey its derk n stormee, butt I dunt see ne rayn.” Miss Spelling argued.

“Glaringly big holes are arguably what’s wrong with this horrendously told tale.” Unneeded Adverb grinned mischievously.

“I don’t see no point in continuing.” Double Negative sighed.

“Anyone tried. I tired to go to sleep.” Typo stretched.

“Every time he told this story. Everyone is getting bored!” Tense Issue blurted.

“i’m done. the End. all right? i don’t want To hear another word From you. everyone get OUT of my house!” Improper Capitalization demanded.

Teh end…