Daily Ruminations: Day 19 – You


You: Here’s your podium. I want to know a little about you. Tell my followers about yourself. What are some of your pet-peeves, idiosyncrasies, loves, hates, all that. If you don’t want to go into great detail, how about a link to your internet presence. People should get to know you. You’re interesting as hell. At least I think so. 😉

If you don’t comment, I’ll just assume that you’re the exception to the rule, and that you’re one of the boring ones. Them’s the breaks.

Explain yourself in the comment section below.



7 thoughts on “Daily Ruminations: Day 19 – You

  1. My blog heading explains it all at http://gilbertcuriosities.blogspot.com, but I’ll add a little more to who I am here. First generation, my parents came from Italy. Large family who stay in touch and that includes all the cousins, aunts and uncles. I’m a baby boomer and had the wonderful opportunity of growing up to see the testing of atomic weapons:( , women gaining equal rights, Martin Luther King march for equality, the space race, Vietnam, but also to see a loved president killed. I became cynical of all authority when after years of the schools training us to hide under our schooll desks in case of an atomic attack, I watched what really happens one night on t.v. This was learned at the age of 12. I have nine grandkids who get me involved in all kinds of activities and I drag them into some of mine. I advocate for Unicef and Somaly mam against human trafficking and I’m a member of the Zombie Squad. I go ghost hunting and to steampunk events. I love nature and I’m interested in genetics. I write and some of my zombie stories should be published by next year. My husband says that he sees me less now than when I worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences. I owe everything that I am or will be to God and to every person who took the time to introduce the magic of life to me.

  2. Hello Edward, it’s me again. Obviously I couldn’t resist the opportunity to comment on your page today. There is a word for speaking about yourself and that word is egotist. It makes me uncomfortable to think that I may fit this catargory. As I am going to continue never the less, I must accept that label. So here I go. Here are some things you may not know about me me me! I am a mum to 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls. I am a nana to 5 children, 1girl and 4 boys. I have another grandaughter on the way. I am descended from ‘The Pendle Witches’ on the Nutter side. Yes, I am descended from a long line of Nutters! Ha! That makes everything so much clearer doesn’t it? I can read Tarot and I am qualified in Reiki. I love reading, I adore reading, it’s my favourite thing. I love painting but I’m not an artist. I love writing but I’m not a writer. I love nature, animals, sunshine, rain, snow, wind, in fact all the elements and all weathers. I have survived and recovered from a serious illness, therefore I consider myself a strong person. A survivor, NOT a victim. I am lucky not unfortunate. I consider myself rich. Not in financial terms ( I am in fact as poor as a church mouse financially) but I am incredibly wealthy in terms of love. The love I have for my family and the love they give in return. I love humans even though we read about and see the terrible things they are capable of, I believe there are more people that give love and act in a good and caring way. We just don’t hear about this as much, but you CAN see it for yourself if you look at people around you everyday and look at the good in them. I have a legacy from being ill which affects my life and restricts me sometimes, but Ive also learnt to like aspects of it. After all, people spend loads of money on lots of drugs to feel the way I do sometimes. I get to feel like that for free! Yeyyyy! I have a strong intuition which is usually right, I like to think I am quite a good judge of character. I can feel comfortable with people from any walk of life. From the poorest, homeless, unfortunate to the richer more fortunate. What ever company I am in I will be myself as that is all I can be. I am too honest for my own good, I talk too much, I don’t talk enough. I love solitude but I am lonely. I can feel lonely in a room full of people. Yet I am content with my own company. It’s a paradox. I am happy, I am sad, I think way too much and too deeply. I am confident, I am very self contious , I love to interact yet I am terribly paranoid that my friendship intrudes upon people’s lives. I’m either full on or I retreat into myself. I love yoga and admire the teachings of Buddhism. I am not religious yet I am spiritual. I love the teachings of Jesus and other religious figures but I’m not a fan of any organised religion. The basic thread of them all that I try to incorporate in my life is, try to be a kind person and try not to hurt anyone. I don’t always succeed in this. I have a Firey temper but it passes quickly, I love to laugh and I cry a lot. The things I don’t like are bigots, racists, cruelty and violence. As usual I have probably said way to much and confirmed the meaning of “egotist” but you did ask so there! Audrey. I hope you and your lovely family are well Edward. 🙂

    1. I forgot to add how much I love music, and that I miss driving very much. I’ve also always wanted to ride on the back of a motor bike since I was 16. I haven’t done that yet but it’s on my bucket list. I’m also rubbish at setting up blogs. I think I’ve done one but I’m at a loss to find it again this morning! 🙂

    2. I asked because I wanted to know. 🙂 You were actually the inspiration for this Daily Rumination because of the last couple of in depth comments you’ve given. I wish I knew more about all my followers. I enjoy hearing about your life. You’re optimistic, and I like that. It counterbalances my cynicism.


      1. Thank you, I don’t think I’ve been an inspiration for anything before! I like hearing about people’s lives too. Everyone has a story or three. I wish I had the talent to write like you and your colleagues. I have hundreds of tales to tell but lack the skill to do them justice. I enjoyed your ruminating post today thanks for the opportunity to speak. Audrey.

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