Boogeyman (Original)

A lullaby…


Close your eyes, pull covers tight, something’s coming for you.
At the end of the bed, something’s coming…

Go to sleep, little baby
Pay no attention what’s under your bed
Go to sleep, my child
The boogeyman is all in your head…all in your head

Clicking claws, gnashing jaws, something’s waiting for you.
Irises glow, from below, something’s waiting…


Behind the closet door, in your dresser drawers, something’s hiding from you.
In the window pane, outside in the rain, something’s hiding…



2 thoughts on “Boogeyman (Original)

  1. You’d think I’d be the type not to like these lyrics, being such a wimp and all about boogeymen, but I really like it. It’s a vey apt lullaby for certain times of life. Another hit! 🙂

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