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Plenty of things inspire me, as do many places, but the noun we are focusing on today is people. If you know you have inspired me, yet do not find yourself on this short list, let your knowledge remain sound and know that I do appreciate you. This is a present-tense list. The past and future have either been mentioned or will be ruminated on at a later date. We shall proceed person by person, giving credit where credit is due, as we discuss the beauty of some and the strengths of others. Please click on each person’s respective names to find their online presence. And away we go…

Aniko Carmean: I have run into many souls doing blog tours where I either guest post or answer questions ala interview. Aniko Carmean was brought to my attention during the first Dastardly Bastard virtual tour. She read and reviewed the book, gave her honest assessment of the piece and that should’ve been that. But it was later, in the comments, when I realized her blog wasn’t just a one-stop venue. She responded to the people who commented, myself included, with a personable attitude bereft of pretense. Aniko was talking to us, not just popping in to thank people for their comments, but spurring conversation. That is what first attracted me to her; that out-going personality. What I found later was a blog filled with amazing writing, quirky thought processes and sensible advice for the working author. Just recently I picked up her debut novel, Stolen Climates, because I finally found the time to read something new. I started the novel not because she was kind enough to spend time with my book, but because her writing piques my interest. I like the way she says things. When I finish Stolen Climates, I will review it. Once again, not because she reviewed me, but because I’m impressed so far with what I have read. And when I’m impressed, I tend to make it known. Aniko is a lovely person, kind and honest, but she is also very human. You see this in the posts she adds to her blogs. She’s open about her fears and her self-stated shortcomings, her strengths and weaknesses. Most recently she admitted she needed help, so she sought it out. Not many of us are that open in a public environment. It’s Aniko’s way of spotting problems and spurring actions that I commend. She is far from static, and that, above all, I appreciate.

You can purchase Aniko’s debut novel, Stolen Climates, by clicking HERE:

Jo-Anne Teal: Any of you that follow my blog should know this lady. If not, I feel sorry for you. Jo-Anne is a constant cheerleader, a staunch supporter of the written word and those that pen it. She writes herself, and is not to be missed or ignored. Though I do not comment often, I always jump over to see what she’s up to. Whether or not that’s a shock to her, I do not know, but without sounding too creepy, I am always watching. Jo-Anne, I met through KD Rush, or vice versa—not really sure who instigated our contact, but I’m thankful it happened all the same. I’ve come to say, “Any friend of Jo-Anne Teal’s is a friend of mine,” mostly because I’ve never seen her associate with lame-brains or internet trolls. If she ever does find herself in the company of said individuals, I’m sure she is respectful, as I have never seen her post an ill comment or rage about anything. She’s a constant light when traversing these dark interwebs; a needed source of ambiance in a world bereft of smiles. Jo-Anne supports many of us, indies and small press authors alike, and the list continues to grow. She gains nothing from knowing me, or supporting me, other than whatever personal highs she reaches by supporting a bunch of authors trying to make headway in a sea of storytellers vying for affection and attention. She’s selfless, never requiring anything from the people she heralds. Not once has she asked me for a favor, or anything even remotely close to one. All I have to do is open my Twitter account every few days to find a little slice of joy. In a world where we are so apt to complain about the bad, but negate to shout the good from our soap-boxes, I beseech you, know this woman. You will be a better person just by association.

So, in summation, these two women inspire me. One is a bastion of hope, a screaming meme focused on the good that is left inside the human race. The other is a fellow writer trying to figure out this business with the help of those around her. I have known many good women in my time, but these ladies deserve a little something extra. If they didn’t know how I felt before, I hope they do now.

Thank you both for being you.



14 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Inspiration

    1. Some of the best around. We need more people that get joy out of helping others. Maybe this revolving rock we reside on wouldn’t be so complicated with a few more souls like Aniko and Jo-Anne.

      Thanks for stopping by, Adri. LYF!


  1. Dear E, First, thank you. Second, Aniko sounds like a very cool person indeed – I’ll be checking out her blog soon.

    You are completely wrong when you say that I get nothing from knowing you, E. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve met and got to know: a very kind man who loves his family to the moon and back, a man who isn’t afraid to court controversy when standing up for what he believes, a man who has a very unique writing style who charms while scaring the bejeezus out of a reader, a man who has been through painful times and understands others’ pain, and a man that, for all his colourful language (oh yes, I’ve noticed!) can write and speak eloquently, artistically and articulately. E, my friend, I get a LOT from knowing you :))

    I didn’t know you read my tweets to any degree other than in passing but I am really touched that you do 😉 I made a conscious decision when I started on Twitter and when I set up my blog…etc… that I would never act out of frustration or dislike. Respect? It is exactly what I strive for in my online and offline worlds and in my storytelling. As one of my heroes, June Callwood, said, the meaning of life is to be kind to one another. Who am I to disagree? :))

    The fact that you would even think to write this post means so very much to me. Now could you please go finish the next book and then write something a wee less scary? I’m getting old, E. My heart is weakening! Many hugs! Jo

    P.S. Am I a screaming meme?!

    1. A screaming meme that shows the best of humanity. Yes, yes you are. You are the picture of elegance is a tactless world. Yet, you are not quiet. In fact, you can be quite loud when broadcasting a new favorite of yours. Yeah, screaming meme is an apt analogy. Other than that, I meant it in the nice way possible.


  2. What a wonderful and unexpected surprise, E. It makes me happy that you find my blog to be more of a conversation than a soliloquy. I started blogging with the intention of building a community and, barring that, to connect with at least one other authentic soul. I have been fortunate enough to met many talented, kind, funny, and wonderful people through the blog – and you certainly fit all of those descriptors. You are also generous to give up space on your blog to mention me,and time in your life to read my book.Thank you for doing both of those things.

    Jo-Anne, it is nice to meet you! You sound like exactly the encouraging and kind person I came to blogging to meet, too! I am honored to be mentioned as an inspiration alongside you.

    E, I must say, I also like it that you didn’t say my thought processes were erratic and strange, because sometimes, that’s how they feel to me! 🙂

    As ever,


    1. You are human. We’re all erratic and strange to ourselves. One person’s neuroses is another’s way of life. You’re openly fallible. I respect that a great deal.


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