Siren’s Call at it again. This one has piqued my interest…

The Sirens Song

Steampunk Horror at it’s finest!

Travel to a world where steam power is widely used, and weave a tale where Steampunk horror rules the night.

Tell a tale of imagination, fascination and horror that will keep the reader enthralled by what was or might have been in an age dominated by clockworks of brass, pneumatic tubes, airships with ether screws, and leather worn out of necessity not vanity.

Stories of Steampunk horror only please, and don’t forget to make your shine a bit gritty!

DEADLINE: Monday, October 1st, 2012


Yes that’s correct, you heard it here! Sirens Call Publications has an open submission call looking for tales of Steampunk Horror. Set your tales of horror against a world that is different from our own. Keep the idea of a world that stopped evolving technologically in an era dominated by Steam Power at the back of your mind, but don’t…

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