Just in time for Halloween…


Finally, the day has come. And just in time for Halloween, at that!

This collection has taken me almost six months to get off the ground. Without the help of KD Rush, Jill Lloyd and Jeff Brackett (as stated in the acknowledgments section of the collection) this book never would have happened. Period. Glendon Haddix once again made me a fantastic cover. And Stefanie Spangler Buswell’s editing skills blew me away. Every one of you hold a place in my heart. Thank you so much.

This collection means a great deal to me. Within the pages of this anthology you will find the best of my short works between the period of March of 2011 and January 2012. Many other tales were told during this time, more than you would likely believe, but only 19 survived. As an added bonus, I’ve included my mini-anthology, Three After, as an afterword of sorts. Come January, Three After will be free to the masses if my plans go as I would like them to.

By clicking the book cover above, you may purchase a copy of What the Dark Brings for $2.99. This collection will not be free anytime in the near future, if it ever goes free at all. You may think me elitist, or a fiend for monetary gain, but I’ve bled into these digital pages, wept tears during its conception, fought tooth and nail to publish it, and because of all that, I believe this collection is worth the price of admission. Besides, what’s three bucks between friends, eh?

Everyone who reads my work is appreciated. Reviews are welcome, but not necessary. As long as you guys keep reading and enjoying my work, I’ll continue putting forth the effort.

See you in the dark…



10 thoughts on “Just in time for Halloween…

  1. have purchased and look forward to reading, Edward :)) I won’t be able to get to it for a few months (crazy crazy work time now and the NaNoWriMo) but hey, great reading for snowy winter! Congratulations my friend!! Heartfelt hugs!!

    1. Thank you very much. You should enjoy the first story very much, Audrey. Very light story about a sweet shop that sells books. It gets much darker after that, though.

      You support is always appreciated!

  2. Glendon is the best! I am so pleased that you two know each other. 🙂 And also super pleased that I already have WHAT THE DARK BRINGS on my Kindle…. oh, the lovely goodies I know that will bring!


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