Why Parenthood is like an Indiana Jones Movie

Some diapers are like the Ark of the Covenant. They might melt your face off.

Kids are like treasure. Getting them is fun, but once you have them, the world is full of obstacles you must overcome.

It can feel, at times, like someone is trying to rip your heart out.

Your own parents pop up to help you out but end up treating you like the child.

Kids are like finding the Holy Grail. They can make you feel immortal or age you incredibly fast. You choose.

Kids will hide anywhere. Nuclear blast or not, you might find them in a refrigerator.

Sometimes you don’t want to believe they’re your child, but in the end, you love them just the same.

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3 thoughts on “Why Parenthood is like an Indiana Jones Movie

  1. I don’t have kids. They’re sticky, among other things.

    I do remember this one story my father-in-law tells. My husband has three siblings, and his dad is no stranger to dirty diapers. Over the course of dinner, he would sometimes change one.

    One night, they had a neighbor’s kid over for dinner, and his/her diaper needed change. His dad described how he just wanted to hwark, it was so disgusting. He’d never been so repulsed by a dirty diaper in his life.

    From this I learned: your own kid’s poop is not gross, but everyone else’s kid’s poop is gross.

  2. I’m with Antoinette–kids are sticky. And they cry. And they require huge time investments. The only advantage I see is the entertainment value of reading parents’ accounts 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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