Ruminating On: A Letter to the Lost

I’m sorry. I am so terribly sorry. I wish I could have done something, could have been there for at least one of you, but I wasn’t. I wish I could silence the masses, show them that now isn’t the time for self-serving behavior. We all want to know why this happened, but none of us will ever know. An individual stole you from those you loved and those that loved you in return. This person doesn’t deserve a name, nor do they deserve the recognition they’ve been given. Among you lost children, were adults. Dawn Hocksprung, Nancy Lanza, Mary Sherlach and Vicki Soto are part of this tragedy. Those named, I will remember, not the gunman’s. They haven’t released your names (at least, not that I know of) but I believe that’s a good thing. Let your families grieve, for they are the ones left alone.

I wish that you were here again, untouched, unchanged… undamaged. For you, I weep.

It feels odd drawing my children near, hugging them closer than ever because there are parents out there right now without that option. Still, I cannot help but to cling to my own with the hopes that what has befallen you will never come calling on my own. I feel horrible for thinking like that, so, once again, I’m sorry.

I will keep you and yours in my heart, for that is all I can offer. I am so sorry.



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  1. V.E.G.

    One of the victims is the daughter of a musician, Jimmy Greene. There is one victim, Madeline Hsu, an Asian-American.

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