Ruminating On: World Suck

Around this time every year, my front yard turns into a sea of copper. Sure, there are bits of greenery poking through the abundance of dead leaves, but they are fewer in number everyday. Alabama holds tight to summer, never really lets the season go. Right now, a thin veil of fog covers everything—rains have come and gone, and on the air is a crisp autumnal scent. Smoke from dying fireplaces mix in with the mist; it’s a heavy, moist, scorched-wood world outside my door. We have three more days until the winter solstice and fall leaves us completely. Of course this doesn’t mean much in the south other than a chance of temperatures dropping below sixty degrees. The southern United States can have all four seasons in a single week. In the past seven days we’ve had humid, sweat-inducing afternoons followed by frigid, long-john-grabbing evenings. As per usual, the mercury soars and plummets and we’re all left confused about what to wear come morning.

These chaotic weather patterns are nothing new, but this year they have me thinking. What with the constant flow of tragedies popping up on the news I cannot help but see that our world is changing. I’m not going into some end-of-the-world, 2012, Mayan calendar (which isn’t really a calendar at all, but simply a sun stone) apocalyptic diatribe of doom and gloom. If we are to find our end, so be it. There’s nothing any of us can do but ride the wave. That isn’t going to happen, mind you. At least not on 12/21/2012, so calm down. What I do want to talk about is the grass poking through the dead leaves that have covered the front lawn of our society.

In the midst of any tragedy you can find heroes. Be it a teacher hiding her young students from a gunman or a group of individuals raising money to decrease world suck. The Project for Awesome (Google it to find out more) does just that. I’ve been watching a steady stream of videos on Youtube by brotherhood 2.0, sxephil, sourcefed, wheezywaiter and charlieissocoollike. All these people banding together, making videos, trying to raise money for their charities of choice. I’m saddened in one regard though. If ever I have wanted celebrity status, now would be the time. I would use my name to make a difference, to make sure I decimated my own little pile of world suck without remorse. What I can do is offer a waypoint for those that would like to donate or share information. Click HERE to find out more about The Project for Awesome. Go on, I’ll wait.

Now, if you decided to forego the clickitude, I understand. Maybe you don’t have the fundage to give or the time to share and pimp this cause around. I dig that, but I hope you will at least give it some thought. If this isn’t the cause for you, lets talk about other ways you can decrease world suck.

We all have clothes we don’t wear anymore. Goodwill and the Salvation Army could use them. How about giving blood? Free cookies and OJ. Who the heck can pass that up? Have a blood problem like anemia or, Tom Cruise forbid, a transmittable disease? I’m sure there’s a volunteer position open right this very second where you can ring a bell and tell people Merry Christmas to the tune of change being dropped into a bucket. Maybe you have a job and don’t have the time. Why not ask yourself what you’re working for? To support your family? Yourself? Just trying to make ends meet? Perhaps you’re the one in need of some assistance. Well, help not sought is help not found. There’s a difference between being in need and begging. Begging requires a previous expression of denial. I don’t consider asking once to be begging. We’re all here for each other, or at least we should be. Being human can be a lonely thing. This holiday season (and even afterward if you’re the go-getter type) I ask of you all a wee bit of charity. It can be simple, it can be extravagant… or it can even be anonymous. Share some happy. It’s contagious, I swear on my life it is.

I’ve used my only venue to reach out to you all. If you’re at home wondering what I’m doing, I will answer that here. I will be mailing 50 Season’s Greetings cards out to random people on Friday, all addresses I found while surfing these fine interwebs. Each one will have a simple note and will be signed: A Friend. This isn’t about promoting myself or anyone else. It’s about doing something positive without seeking a return on my investment. It’s about decreasing world suck.

Our society is changing, and, for the most part, it’s turning in the wrong direction. Everyone of us needs to look upon our current situation, good or bad, and yank ourselves away from the foul offerings of media outlets and doomsayers. If you’re happy and you know it, don’t change a thing, but maybe offer a bit of that happy to someone you don’t know. If your world sucks beyond all hope, surround yourself with those that make you happy or things that make you smile. Shoot, contact me and I’ll tell you a really, really bad joke. The kind that makes the teller blush and the listener laugh simply because the punchline is just so terribly unfunny. I do what I can 😉

This has been a public service announcement from E.



3 thoughts on “Ruminating On: World Suck

  1. A great post E. I do have my own personal charities that I donate to, whether by buying gifts or Christmas cards from them or donating in collection boxes. I only send charity Xmas cards too and not personalised ones. If anything crops up where I can help I do try to contribute also. I have a favourite homeless guy who I treat all year round and always try to track him down at Xmas to give him his gift of warm gloves and tobacco! It can be tricky sometimes because there are so many people collecting for the needy at this time of year and I’m just a girl who can’t say no! Sometimes though when you are on a limited budget you have to be sensible but I hate the feeling of walking past and not contributing! Yet if you give a small amount, some of them look at you as if you are Scrooge incarnate! It’s always good to remind and promote these good causes though and I hope each and everyone makes enough to brighten someone’s Christmas. I agree also about wealth. If I won the lottery I would be SO generous with it, so why can’t I win?! 😉

    1. I don’t want to win the lottery as much as I want people’s attention. And not in a self-serving way, either. I want people to care about their fellow man again, and more frequently. If I could only reach more people…


  2. More people do than we may think E. although it doesn’t always seem that way. I don’t want wealth for myself but I would love to be able to help other people with it. I’m not materialistic at all actually and never have been, which quite frustrates my siblings! I’m not a fricking Saint or anything, I do like nice clothes and certain comforts but they don’t have to cost the Earth. You do what you can and that is admirable and each single person you reach and help is a great acheivement. (Spelled that wrong!) To give altruistically is a gift and you are possessed of that I think. LYF.

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