Ruminating On: The Death of Critical Thinking

What I’m about to riff on is not a new topic. Blind followers have existed for as long as humans have been walking the earth. They’ve been called many things over the course of time; village idiots, mindless mobs, religious nutjobs, but they all share similar characteristics. They don’t think for themselves. Nowadays, though, their ranks are increasing. More and more unknowing souls have been seduced by the garbage they subscribe to on social media outlets. What these people see is scripture, and what they read can be perceived by them in no other way than how it is explained to them. In other words, if you tell one of these zombies that the sky is raining frogs, then show them a photoshopped image wherein torrents of amphibians are falling from the heavens, they will believe in your message without even the simple thought of looking out of their own window. The only thing that has changed recently is my willingness to suffer droves of sheep.

Here’s a thought, Einstein, why not research a topic before sharing a Facebook status or Twitter post? Not everything you witness on the internet is real, or in many cases, even possible. Some might say, “Who are they hurting? Let them be stupid if they want, E.,” but then I would respond by saying you’re part of the problem. Should we also ignore children with learning disabilities just because they don’t get it? Maybe we should leave those poor, neglected brains to themselves, because after all, how are we to ever succeed as a species if we don’t use the backs of those below us as stepping stones. Pardon me if you can’t take sarcasm, but here’s the Cliffs Notes version of what I’m getting at. Stupidity, when unchallenged, begets stupidity. It’s fucking contagious. Those of you hanging around, nodding your heads at your computer screen, dig in, because it gets tricky.

So what are facts? Well, the description I found on states, “a truth known by actual experience or observation.” Ah, therein lies a dilemma, does it not? I just got through saying you can’t believe everything you see, and then we’re given a quagmire of sorts. Plenty of religious persons have experienced events that make them believe that their faith is based on reality, but there are no facts to back them up. Also, if observing something makes it a fact, why can’t we lend credence to every meme we run across on the internet? The answer is critical thinking, and some of you are severely lacking in it. I know, I know, it’s so damn hard for you not to jump on the bandwagon and share every little outrage you come across on the internet, but to become so engaged that you refuse to change your mind when a rational explanation is posted only serves to shine a light on your lesser qualities. In other words, you end up looking like a moron.

All I want you to do is think. Really, is that so much to ask? Instead of jumping to conclusions that you will end up regretting, settle down, take a step back, and breathe.

In conclusion, all this crap is subjective. I’m going to think what I think and you’re going to go along with whatever you believe, but if you don’t question your knee-jerk reactions, you’re nothing but another part of the brainless throng. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your own opinions to yourself. I’m just to stubborn to take my own damned advice. If you disagree with this post, good. Maybe that hamster in your head isn’t dead upon the wheel. By the way, you should feed that bastard.