Ruminating On: Sex Crimes

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that those of you reading today’s blog think pedophiles and rapists are the lowest lifeforms known to man. I share your opinion, of course, but I want to take this discussion one step further and ask a sensitive question. Why don’t we execute serial sex offenders?

If you are against capitol punishment, this blog is not meant for you, so you can see yourself to the door. You won’t hurt my feelings. I want to delve into a double standard of sorts, and give my thoughts on why we should alleiviate the world of serial sex offenders based on the same reasoning behind executing mass murderers and serial killers.

First and foremost, for some odd reason mental health is always brought to the table in a discussion such as this.  “We shouldn’t kill the mentally ill, E!” But I would say that all serial killers have a loose wire, that none are sane. We still execute them. Their brains do not work the same way as ours. They find gratification in their actions, bask in the control they have. In my eyes, these people are no different than pedophiles and rapists. I would go on to surmise that sexual abuse is far more tragic than murder. The dead are gone, they no longer suffer, but the victims of rape and molestation must live out their lives trying to cope with the ordeals they’ve suffered.

If you can execute someone like Ted Bundy because of his crimes, surely you can see the reasoning behind killing someone who’s stripped away an adult’s or a child’s humanity. Rape, incest and child abuse should be judged with the same weight and dealt similar consequences. We execute serial killers because we’ve deemed them broken beyond repair, because we believe they will be a constant threat to the outside world. We also do it as a deterrent to future killers. Juice a pedophile every now and then and maybe the next sick bastard thinks twice about touching a child or forcing themselves on another human being. I’m not saying this will end sexual assaults, as executing murderers hasn’t completely dissuaded future serial killers, but if the penalty for scarring a human being for life were the same as taking a life, we might see a decline.

I’ve heard the argument of castration, both chemical and physical, as a way of punishing serial sex offenders or to quell their urges, but I don’t fully believe that would stem their appetites. You see, it’s not all about the climax for these individuals, but moreover, about control. Their genitals are simply the tool they use to preform their tasks. If you take a knife out of a killer’s hand, that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop trying to kill people. They’ll just find another way of doing it. And if you think sex offenders don’t use their hands like some serial killers do, you’re grossly mistaken.

If we are going to continue executing murderers in parts of this country, then we should get rid of this double standard. Sexual abuse is just as tragic and the offenders are just as broken. I’m not for thoughts such as, “The punishment should fit the crime.” We shouldn’t rape them back. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that these shitty souls shouldn’t be allowed to breathe our air.

Both serial killers and serial sex offenders ruin and end lives. They should not be treated any differently.

But forget about my opinion. Tell me what you think. Should we kill ’em or let ’em rot in prison. Post your response in the comment section below.



2 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Sex Crimes

  1. I think death is far too kind. call me old fashioned but I think if people should be punished for their crimes it should be effective. I say let them keep their lies and their penis. Take their arms and legs as penance.

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