Ruminating On: Updates

I haven’t forgotten about this blog. With as many irons in the fire as I have going right now, I’m just trying to keep afloat in this sea of manuscripts. The first draft of Pennies for the Damned is finally done and submitted to Red Adept Publishing. Life after Dane has had its content edit and is now waiting for line editing. Jeff Brackett and I have started on Chucklers. And just to top everything off, me being the glutton for punishment that I am, I’ve actually started writing Stalag Red, as well. Sheesh. After simply writing all that, I’m out of breath.

My point is, I’m a busy little bumble bee. Honey don’t come cheap, kiddos. Work, work, work and more work, all for my readers. You’re entirely worth it, though, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I honestly have the best job in the world.

So, don’t forget about Ruminating On, because I haven’t. I’ll be updating this week thanks to a prompt from Richard Van Holst from over at Goodreads. He wants to know my take on Narrative Styles, and I’m apt to oblige him.

Until Thursday! LYF!



8 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Updates

    1. As long as people keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them. Who the fuck am I kidding… Even if people stop reading, I’ll still write them. I do so love it when people read my work, though. 😉

  1. I totally can’t keep up with all of your books. You are one prolific author, sir! Best of luck with all of them, Edward. Perhaps the next one could be a light-hearted, no-blood, romantic-comedy? Ah well. Never mind.

    1. I just saw this, Jo. I’ve had this discussion several times in the past couple of days. Most of my readers agree. A romantic-comedy from E would not sell, also, would not be good publicity. Image if I wrote, let’s say, a book called, “The Lovely Side of Life,” and it’s quirky and kind and lovely and all that good stuff. What would happen then when new readers finish it and go looking for some of my other books? They would find Bay’s End and Hope for the Wicked, and wonder what the hell happened to their gentle little romance writer. 😛

      Plus, I don’t write these books. A much darker individual does. If I wrote a book, it would be like Dr. Seuss without the rhymes.



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