Red Adept Day of Drabbles

A bunch of Red Adept Publishing authors and myself decided to drabble all over ourselves… That’s not quite right. Oh yeah! We decided it would be fun if we all wrote a drabble then did a blog hop of sorts. Under my 100 word story you will find links to the other authors’ work. I will be updating as they become available online.

Peace out!

Payback (August and Everything After)

By Edward Lorn

August sits on the boat dock, waiting, her feet playing figure eights in the water. Her legs are lavender, painted by the purple sky. The water is cool, soothing on a summer’s eve.

Her raven sits perched upon the piling to her right. He squawks, telling her stories she can hear, but not understand. His body is only an ink blot in the black. If not for his eyes, he would be invisible.

A face breaks the surface of the water. August pushes her ex back down with her heel. Soon, the gases will evacuate and he’ll sink for good.

Erica Lucke Dean’s Drabble

Harvey Chute’s Drabble

Stephen Kozeniewski’s Drabble

Jaime Leigh’s Drabble

Kimberly G. Giarratano’s Drabble


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      1. Ha! “Omaha” probably would’ve been the last song I’d expected. “A Murder of One” is kind of obvious because of the title, but I’d also expected “Rain King” as it seemed to fit with the tone and some of the prose of your drabble.

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