E. Sang Dat – PetSmart

Give me something to sing. No, really, I’ll sing anything. Websites, grocery lists, recipes, instruction manuals.

New video every two or three days.



4 thoughts on “E. Sang Dat – PetSmart

  1. This is the Edward Lorn song written by Jo
    He wants to sing it, so just let it go
    It’s funny ‘cause it rhymes but it’s not funny in theme
    It’s funny ‘cause I thought it up in the middle of a dream
    So the world needs some medicine and this is what we’ll do
    We’ll all contribute music, or a story or two
    Then E ‘ll sing it.
    Yes he’ll sing it.
    Yes, he’ll bloody well sing it.
    And speaking of bloody, there’s a gory new book
    If you’re into horror, you should really take a look
    If you’re scared too easily or you’re a little timid
    You might want to wait or you’ll be a little livid
    Edward says he’ll write something pastoral
    And nothing rhymes with pastoral
    But he’ll sing it.
    Yes, he’ll sing it.
    See? He sung it.

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