Toys For Tots!

Yo, fellow authors, lend me your attention for a moment.

I want to do a charity event for Toys For Tots starting October 1st and ending November 30th. What I’m asking from you is this.

1. Agree to spend a certain percentage of your book sells on toys for the charity. You pick the percentage and you pick the toys.

2. Email a list of your books (including links and covers) to so I can post about them.

You need not ship the toys you buy. I will provide you with addresses in your area where you can drop the toys off. I’m working on the honor system here, folks. I fully trust that, if you say you’ll donate, you will ACTUALLY donate.

Let’s help give some kids a happier Christmas.


P.S. If you are not an author and would still like to donate, go HERE


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