Ruminating On: Mona Lisa is Gay

1. Digging up the Mona Lisa

Who was the inspiration for the Mona Lisa? Was she Di Vinci’s lover? Was she family? Did Di Vinci go all Ru Paul for the painting, doing himself up proper for a fabulous selfie? We’ll never know. Or will we? Son of a bitch, really? Yes, folks, it seems they’re excavating some poor lady’s family tomb so that DNA testing can be done.  Researchers say that Lisa Ghererdini could very well have been the model for Di Vinci’s famous painting. And they’re in the process of digging her up. I’m all for the arts and history and solving great mysteries, but seriously… what are they hoping to accomplish here? All this time and effort – not to mention money – so they can go all C.S.I. on this woman’s centuries old remains. Remember, she wasn’t a criminal. No justice is being sought. These people just want to know whether or not she posed for a painting. Seriously, that’s all this amounts to.

2. Gay man is chronically gay. 

In southern California a man goes in for his annual check up. He’s diagnosed as having chronic homosexual behavior. This diagnosis is a shocker, but not because he’s not gay. He is gay, and proud of it. The surprise comes when he looks over his paperwork and finds the code 302.0. 302.0 is a medical code for sexual deviance. There are sub categories, which only make this “diagnosis” more unsettling. If you look up medical code 302.1, it concerns bestiality. 302.2? Pedophilia. I understand that some people have a long way to come before they accept that homosexuality isn’t a sickness, but this one actually disturbed me. This man was bunched in with the likes of those that molest children and ones who make sheep nervous. Shame on you, doc.

Daily Tip: In Talkeetna, Alaska, a cat holds the position of mayor. Never give up on your dreams. 



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2 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Mona Lisa is Gay

  1. 1. Oh, for fuck’s sake! That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    2. That is…how can…wtf?! If I could find my words I’d use them!

    A mayor that can self fellatio and doesn’t mind doing it in front of others. Why am I not surprised?

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