Ruminating On: Monkey Christ Goes Green

1. Monkey Christ more popular than actual Christ

A Spanish parishioner optimistically (yet ineptly ) “restored” Elias Garcia Martinez’s Christ fresco, turning it into what is now known as “Monkey Christ.” The “restored” painting is something that should grace the hallowed halls of such intellectual institutions as Saturday Night Live and Mad Magazine. It shouldn’t be as funny as it is, but something juvenile inside makes you snicker all the same. This isn’t new news, yet the painting is back in the news. It seems the church in which the painting has been showcased is reporting that the newer version is more popular than the old version. Which just goes to show you, beauty (and ineptitude) is in the eye of the beholder.

Monkey Christ2. Silly rabbits, Turks give you kids

Let’s get this out of the way forthright. Buying your kid a novelty animal is a bad idea. It’s cruel to the animal. Animals should not be on-the-spot gifts but intelligent choices based on income, free time, and knowledge of said animal. With that out of the way, how cute is a neon green rabbit? Pretty damn cute. What if they glow in the dark, as well? *melts from adorable overload and is required to turn in man card* Researchers based in Hawaii and Turkey (the republic, not the Thanksgiving coma inducer) have cloned glow-in-the-dark bunnies. Two bunnies out of the eight born are up for the lead role in the Green Lantern sequel. Ryan Reynolds was not available for comment.

UPDATE! Yesterday I reported on Anthony Stokes, the fifteen-year-old Georgia boy who was denied a heart transplant because of alleged noncompliance. It has been released today that the hospital behind the crap-tastic decision has had a change of heart. Good on them.

Daily Tip: Paula Deen’s discrimination lawsuit has been dropped on the grounds that she treated all her employees equally bad, even the white ones. If you’re going to be a terrible human being, give it your all, a full 110%, because half-assing the distaste you have for your fellow man could cost you, if it goes to trial.


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      1. Hell no! I’d be able to see them at night and not step on them. If I was going to get a bunny I’d want the one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail then I could take it with me when I get in the car rider lane at the schools. You know, to have on hand to release the furry fury when the morons hold up the line.

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