Ruminating On: Dog-Cat-Beaver-Rat

1. China, a rose by any other name

Some, if not most, of you might have read about this by now, but that doesn’t change my amusement level regarding this story. So, in the central province of Henan, there resides People’s Park of Luohe. Inside the park is a zoo, wherein hides a magnificent beast. People the world over refer to this breed of canine as the Tibetan mastiff. Yet, to a handful of Chinese zookeepers, it’s a lion. Not WOOF! But RAWR! Good on them. It’s a supply and demand world, isn’t it? Their people demanded a lion and they got the next best thing. Or something like that. I’ve been chuckling about this since I first heard about it yesterday afternoon. It’s not the story so much as it’s the glorious pictures that are flooding in. Even the dog seems to be saying, “Fuckin’ really?”

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dog lion2. “I can haz ur soul?”

From animals disguised as other animals to a new animal who’s been mistaken for a different animal so long that it’s like, “Whatever, yo.” Meet the olinguito (Bassaricyon neblina). This little cat-ferret-demon is part of the raccoon family. Smithsonian researchers “discovered” the olinguito then went on to say that it was “hiding in plain sight in the cloud forests of South Africa.” Because, yeah… it knew you were looking for it. Right… Anyway, these smarty-pants science dudes say the creepy bear-coon-hell-child was commonly mistaken for an olingo. The olinguito is the first “new” carnivore to have been discovered in the past 35 years. If you ask me, this black-eyed, Hades-spawned, beaver-rat can die in a fire. Look at those claws, not to mention, those eyes…

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Daily Tip: When a team losing to you is a bigger story that you beating them, you might be a Cleveland football team.  Naming your team the Browns almost always guarantees they’re going to be shitty. (I just pissed off a total of four people. You’re welcome)


skull looking up(Note: This blog is not professionally edited. Balls to you.)


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  1. 1. I want that lion! Dog, lion, whatever. I want one.

    Daily tip: I hope Li’l Guito sneaks up on you when you least expect him taking a bite out of your ass then using his claws to pick his teeth while making that sucking sound people do when a side of beef is stuck between molars and won’t come out. *pulls out Browns foam finger and pokes E*

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