Ruminating On: Weekends Off

That’s right, I’m taking weekends off. The news shall return Monday. This isn’t to say I won’t surprise you with a weekend post every now and then. It just won’t be your typical Ruminating On.

I’ve slacked off on blog posts about writing. If you’d like to see them return, comment below. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Enjoy your weekend!


lady bugs

(This blog is not professionally edited. Boom-chika-wha-wha)


4 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Weekends Off

  1. Wait…I don’t remember the memo about taking weekends off. Crap.

    Would that be bacon grease? I need some to fry up some country-fried steak.

    I feel so perverted watching Ladybugs do it. Or are they trying to play leap frog? Damn dirty mind…

    1. They be scrumpin’! I mean, why play leap frog when you can fly?


      Oh, and I’m the one who gets weekends off. You need to get back to work.


  2. Well the joke’s on you, Edward, because I just read your previous “ruminations of the happy and jovial and butterflies and sunshine”…at least I think that’s what it was called.

    Anywho, you did a terrific post recently (yep, serious) on writing different PoVs. I refer to the info quite often. Any more insider scoop like that would be much appreciated.

    So, you see, we don’t need you to magically appear on the weekends.

    However, if you don’t show up during the week, I’ll be calling Mr. KD Rush on the batmobile phone and ALL heck will break loose! 😀

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