Ruminating On: Safer Sex for Profit

1. Park it right here. That’s what she said.

Switzerland now has its first drive-in sex establishment. The legal sex operation has been touted as a way to combat violence against Roma gypsies who sell their nu-nu’s for profit. Nine small cabins, what locals are calling “sex boxes,” have been set up in a park. The Happiest Place on Earth comes to mind, but this time you don’t have to worry about being goofy or mini when it comes to getting laid. Swiss conservatives have complained about their tax dollars being used to fund a safer sex trade. What’s wrong with a little drive-in nookie if all participants are consenting adults? When asked for comment, a working girl said, “Would you like fries with that?”


2. Wrap it `for you slap it

It’s like Click It or Ticket, but for your sloppy dolphin. In California, porn stars are outraged. The west coast adult film industry is in the news because they’re petitioning against a law which requires all male performers to wear condoms. Say what? Exactly. Instead of taking the initiative and making their workplace a safer environment for all involved, sexy-time movie creators want to risk their employee’s health and lives to ensure bareback quality fuck-flicks. I liken this to an average film maker asking their actors to jump off a building without a safety net. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t care less if the close-ups in my porn show a cloaked cock or not. If wrapped peen turns you off, then a game of whack-a-mole must not have been all that pressing (for the porn-loving ladies out there, here’s your masturbation metaphor: buffin’ your muffin’. You know, because I wouldn’t want you to feel left out when it comes to my vulgarity). I think this is backward as hell, but I want to know what you think. I’d ask if you even watch porno movies but, well… you know. πŸ˜‰


Daily Tip: Sex can alleviate headaches. Make love not excuses.



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8 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Safer Sex for Profit

  1. Sherrri

    Someone in the porn industry needs to wear a condom, whether it’s the male or the female. The female condom will help prevent STDs as well as the male variety, but the female condom certainly won’t be beneficial for the, umm, backdoor variety. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t care if a XXX movie star has a condom on. The point of the movie is to get turned on so you can get laid. I may be speaking for myself, but I’m not going to say, “Geez…that condom on that 10-inch dick is such a turnoff!” Is that crude behavior coming from a woman?! Well maybe, but that’s what comes out of my mouth (no pun intended). lol

  2. I think the porn industry is upset because they have some of the strictest testing you’ll find. I know it seems odd to say, but the bigger studios have their stars tested bi-monthly, as well as each time they work with someone for the first time.

    The big issue for porn studios is that they receive no funding, so they feel that they are above regulation. I actually agree. In fact, porn stars are more likely to die from murder than they are of any complications from STDs.

    1. This I can understand, Jason, but what about the past two HIV scares they’ve had in the last five years? They’re still worried about the most recent one. AIDS and Hepatitis C can be deadly. All it takes is one person slipping through and peoples’ lives are ruined. My point goes back to the old saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

      Thanks for stopping by. You’re always welcome around here. πŸ˜‰

      1. Two scares in the past five years is nothing to take lightly, I agree. However, the industry was quite well-known in the ’80s and ’90s for much worse odds. That suggests that they have been policing it and it has been working. I’m all for safe over sorry, but one person’s “be safe” is another’s “don’t tell me what to do.”

  3. 1. Why can’t that be legal here?! I think sex should be legal and those involved paying taxes like everyone else. Well, except politicians, but that’s another story about fuckers.

    2. I think they should wear condoms. If they’re being made to fuck without them then they need hazardous pay. Just sayin’.

    Sex does not help my headaches. I’ve tried several times and it only makes them worse. No more trying that home remedy for me.

    And lastly, I don’t take it like a man, I give it like one. πŸ˜‰

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