Ruminating On: Choices, Choices…

Hello all you wonderful reader-type folks. I have a dilemma that I believe only my readers can help me with. At the end of the day, whatever makes you happy makes me happy.

I want to combine two of my favorite forms of media, slasher films and TV shows, to create a television experience in literary format. The project will be episodic, each chapter ending in a cliffhanger, just like my favorite programs. The title of this project is Cruelty. The story revolves around a large cast of characters as they struggle to survive against an unstoppable killer. And, although each episode will end in a cliffhanger, there is a definitive end to season one. The first season will run for ten 15,000 word episodes. By the end, you’ll get a 150,000 word story. Future seasons (which I already have plotted out) would follow depending on the success of season one.

My dilemma is this. I have three different options in which I can release this story. I publish it in serial form here on the blog with a donate button. You pay what you think it’s worth or nothing at all. The problem with this option is, the episodes will be much farther apart, probably coming out two to three months apart, if not longer. The second option is, I release it on Amazon for $.99 an episode. The parts will come faster, every month, but you will have to pay for each one as they come. The third and final option is, I wait and release the entire thing as a full-length novel. The only problem with this last option is, you will not see the book for some time, at least over a year, if you ever see it at all. Editing is expensive, as is cover design and formatting. I’ve tried Kickstarter in the past but have not had much success. This is the price of trying something new.

I also plan on doing the audiobook version of this story line in whatever format is chosen by you. But that’s for later.

So, there you go. Below you’ll find a poll with your options. It only takes a second to click your choice. Don’t be shy, voting is anonymous. I want to do this, but, more importantly, I want to know if you want me to do it, and in what form.

For accurate results, you can only vote once. What’ll it be?