CRUELTY: The Synopsis

CRUELTY is a serial novel in ten parts.

Episode One.

On a lonely stretch of deserted Texas highway, Will Longmire breaks down. But he’s not alone.

In the dead of night, Innis Blake hits someone, or something, with her car. The figure shouldn’t be getting up. But it is.

An unstoppable force now stalks Will and Innis. And before the night is over, both strangers will know the face of Cruelty.

Forgiveness is only a few miles down the road, but safety is nowhere in sight.

Cruelty Episode One


8 thoughts on “CRUELTY: The Synopsis

  1. fuonlyknew

    Did you sneak a new story in on me? LOL Is this first chapter available. You know I have to read it!


    1. Episode One is not available yet, but it will definitely be out before Halloween. I’d give you guys a release date, but I’m not sure how long proof reading will take. Right now, it’s in the very capable hands of Kealan Patrick Burke.


  2. yikes…You do realize, Mr. Lorn, that I no longer keep a bedskirt on my bed because I don’t want anything hiding under there! ;)) Congratulations on another publication! Strangely, I can’t wait to have the bejeezeesus scared out of me 🙂

    1. I do not suggest you read this one, Jo. If you failed to finish Hope for the Wicked because of the violence, this one is just as bad… if not worse. Read if you want, but you’ve been warned. 😉


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