30 Day Book Challenge – Day 06

joe cafe

Day 06 – A book that makes you sad.

Joe Cafe is one of the bleakest stories I have ever read. JD Mader’s debut novel proves that one can get emotionally attached to villains as well as protagonists. There really isn’t a clear good guy in the entire book. Everyone is flawed. JD does a terrific job in building empathy for his antagonists, and will have you questioning your own ethics and morals by making his heavies tug upon your heart strings. This is one of those books that I will never read again. Not because it’s poorly written. But because the ending floored me, and I don’t want to revisit that dark corner of humainty. Expect not an ounce of happily ever after here. Joe Cafe doesn’t concern itself with the evil lurking in the hearts of men. Rather, what good lurks in the heart of evil.

30 day book challenge


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