30 Day Book Challenge – Day 09

do no harm

Day 09 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.

I don’t like medical thrillers. Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, and a few of Crichton’s works come to mind. My mother loves them, but I never saw the draw. Do No Harm, by Gregg Hurwittz was described to me as a medical thriller, so I thought I was going to hate the book down to the glue that held the pages to the binding, but I was wrong. How did I end up reading this one? A friend at work and I had created a reading group of sorts with four other people. When this one came up, I was out voted five to one. Since they’d read Pet Sematary with me the month prior, I felt obligated to finish this one. Once it started, I never looked back. To date, I’ve read all of Hurwittz’s stuff, but Do No Harm is still my favorite. 

If you don’t read anything else by Gregg Hurwittz, read this one.

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