The Next Act of Cruelty is Here!


Buy it now for only $0.99!

Kobo Edition coming soon.


5 thoughts on “The Next Act of Cruelty is Here!

  1. fuonlyknew

    Congratulations and Wow! What a killer cover!
    I just got my copy. I’ll do my best to post reviews for both next week. Been really backed up and even missed a few of your posts. Sorry about that.
    Whoever does you cover art is awesome and I could mention and link them in my review post if ya’ll want.
    I’ll be reading this tomorrow and be in touch!
    Happy New Release!

      1. fuonlyknew

        Thanks. I’ll mention them in my post. I’m hoping to be able to review both episodes on my Freakin Fridays meme on November 15th.
        I’m mentioning them in my Sunday meme What’s New On My Bookshelf.
        If you have time and want to do it, I’d love for you to write a guest post about writing this serial. It dioesn’t have to be long, or if you’ve already written one I could use that. Just let me know.

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