30 Day Book Challenge – Day 10

voiceDay 10 – A book that reminds you of home.

If you hunt through the 60 reviews for my debut novel, Bay’s End, you’ll find more than a handful that compare that book to King’s novella, The Body, or the film adaptation, Stand By Me. Funny thing is, Bay’s End was inspired more by Koontz’s The Voice in the Night. I reread Koontz’s coming-of-age tale anytime I feel homesick for California, for the good old days when I was a stupid kid running around with that years bad influence, or being the bad influence myself. The Voice in the Night reminds me of childhood friendships. No matter how crazy things got, I never questioned my friend’s motives. I just went along, took my licks, and learned from my mistakes. I miss the spontaneity of youth, the feeling of invincibility, and, of course, I miss my friends.

30 day book challenge