30 Day Book Challenge – Day 19

fight-club-posterDay 19 – Favorite book turned into movie.

Today is kind of a no-brainer for me. Fight Club is the only movie in the history of films-adapted-from-books which surpasses the source material. If you read Fight Club then watch the film, you’ll think the book was like reading a spoiler-heavy review before seeing the movie. If you read the book after watching the movie, it’s like perusing the film’s script. The movie does everything better, turning a great book into an amazing film. I think this is because of the performances we get from Norton and Pitt. For specific reasons, Fight Club’s narrator (sorry for being obtuse, but there might be a couple of you that have not seen the movie or read the book) is a blank canvas. An avatar if you will. The reader gets to fill in the description. Yet in the movie, we get Edward Norton’s less-than-ugly mug to gawk over. Then you have shirtless Brad Pitt, and the panties, they be dropping. I keed, I keed… Where was I? Oh yeah, a movie that was better than the book. Okay, so the book is good, the movie’s great, and literary-fuckwads are screaming their distaste of me at their computer screens. But when even the author admits the movie’s better, you kinda have to listen… right? It takes an awesome individual to admit such a thing. Chuck Palahniuk, I’m looking at you, good sir. Carry on being cool like that.

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