30 Day Book Challenge – Day 22


Day 22 – A book that makes you cry.

I read Of Mice and Men when I was fifteen. I cried. I reread it when I was twenty-two. I cried again. I read it for a third time when I hit thirty. Once more, I wept. Lennie’s entire life story is a tragedy, but, in the end, I felt the strongest for George. George is the one who must live without Lennie, as well as live with the fact that he had to kill his best friend. It was the first time I read about a mercy killing. Some argue with me about that. Lennie’s murder is a kindness. Remember what happened to Frankenstein when they found the blind girl’s body? Exactly. I’ll read this little treasure again, and I’ll probably bawl for a fourth time, but right now, I don’t need the tears.


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One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge – Day 22

  1. I read this in my high school English honors class. It was very sad, but I wasn’t able to cry. By the time I read this, I was really desensitized to things. I was in a period of numbing, but I still acknowledge it as being a very sad, moving tale.

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