30 Day Book Challenge – Day 28

NOS4A2_teaserDay 28 – Favorite title of a book.

NOS4A2 is a brilliant title. I even loved it back when it was NOS4R2. Anyone remember that? I do. Anyway, I believe things like this come along rarely. I can almost see Joe Hill doing something boring, like washing dishes or taking a crap, when the idea hit him in the nose like a prize fighter. I doubt he’ll be able to tell you where the idea actually came from. Sure, he probably saw a vanity plate and a spark ignited the tinder in his brain. Or maybe it came to him fully formed, vacuum-sealed, and wrapped up with a bow. No matter how Hill stumbled across the idea, it’s quite perfect. As an author, I know what a good title can do for you. And NOS4A2, well… that’s that magic.

30 day book challenge