About that CRUELTY update…

I kinda sorta gave the exclusive to another website. Read the interview below for the good news.



3 thoughts on “About that CRUELTY update…

  1. Bill

    Great interview! Nikki is the best! Congratulations, on the film option! As a rule I am not a big fan of serials, but I am running off to get the first 2 installments right now!

  2. fuonlyknew

    I just knew that’s what you were waiting to tell us! Congratulations. You know I’ll be waiting for the film!
    Are you still going to keep writing the serial? I’m kinda hanging out to dry here! LOL
    You know you’re too twisted for color TV don’t ya E? Hide and hope they don’t call the cops!

    1. More information will trickle out as the cogs turn the gear work. Look for another announcement around the middle of next year. As for the series, you get one more (long) episode that should answer a lot of questions.

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