Losing a Backstreet Boy Reboot #3!

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Do you want to lose anywhere from 10 to 200+ pounds? Do you love food and hate exercise? Yeah? Me too.

I’m not an obese weight-loss guru like Dr. Phil. I’m just a guy trying to stay healthy at any cost. Maybe this time I’ll hit my goal. Click on the pic if you care to join me or just feel like watching my journey.



4 thoughts on “Losing a Backstreet Boy Reboot #3!

  1. Actually, I don’t hate exercise, I just find it boring as all hell and physically harder to do the older I get, sometimes even painful. In my early 20s I weighed 200 pounds, all solid muscle, lifted weights three times a week, ran four miles a day with the occasional eight-mile run. Now, nearly 25 years later, I’m … not that person any more. Actually wish I could be in many ways. Now in my 40s, I’m overweight, have an internal defibrilator, gout, various other minor ailments, etc.

    But I don’t hate exercise. For one, even when I get just five minutes on my stationary recumbent bike, I feel a ton better the next day. Also, I can still remember what it was like to have a jogger’s high. I know some scoff at such, even joke about it, but I’ve experienced it (though a looooong time ago). It’s like everything clicks, the breathing, the muscles, the whole body, the mind, and you just feel like you can run forever.

    Not making excuses, but it would help if I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere. To walk around here would mean either taking my life into my own hands along dangerous roads where everyone seems to think they’re a NASCAR driver, or a trek back into deep woods, which I don’t mind and used to do all the time, but now such is dangerous because there’s no cell reception and … well, my heart condition. Let’s just say, the last time I was back in deep woods by myself was more than two years ago, and my defibrillator went off six times in two minutes. It’s like the hammer of Thor whacking you in the chest over and over again, and you’re thinking you’re going to die at any moment.

    In the last twenty years, the times I’ve been in my best shape have been when I’ve lived downtown in a city, where I could walk to everywhere I want to go, even work.

  2. fuonlyknew

    More power to you E. Dieting is always hard, but if this works for you and gets you primed for the dreaded excercise regime, I say do what works for you and I’m your cheerleader!!
    I just went to amazon and got my copy of Cruelty #3. Very happy to have contributed to this awesome series. And I started reading it last night. It kept whispering my name.

  3. Hi and good luck with it. Just do your best and find a system that works for you without making yourself absolutely miserable. i have the opposite problem and cannot gain any weight. I had a few medical problems and losing too much weight too quickly and was down to 95 lbs before I found a new doctor that figured out what was wrong with me.

    Now I still struggle to get above 125. I hate being so small and it’s so weird because right before I got sick I weighed close to 170 lbs which was big for me. I had been on some medication that just made me crave sweets really bad and finally after getting robbed by some jerk and not being able to chase him, well actually I was doing very well until I hit a curb and then the chase was over. That jerk was skinny and slow and he eventually got caught on something else and sent to prison but anyway after that I decided I wanted to get into shape so I just started walking up and down my front porch steps – all 3 of them lol and I just walked back and forth in my driveway and I lost about 20 pounds from just doing that and cutting back on the sweets. Of course then I got sick and lost the rest of the weight super fast which was scary but now I’m trying to gain some so yeah it can be super hard to lose and gain weight at times, especially the older I get.

    The main thing is to just keep trying and stick with it. You can’t starve yourself because that can be dangerous but maybe you could find a good (I can’t think of what they’re called, people at the gym who can help you with a diet plan and exercise) or a nutritionist who can help you with not only balancing your diet but also help plan out an exercise routine that would work for you and be safe for you. Just do your best and don’t beat yourself up if you gain any weight. On the other hand congratulate yourself when you do lose some weight. Stay positive and just do your best.

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