CRUELTY: Episode Four is on its way to editing…

…and I’m drained, both mentally and physically. I’ve written and rewritten this episode alone three times. I’ve questioned myself more with this novella-length piece than any other of my previous works combined. Everything had to blend just right to set up Episode Five. I think I finally managed to get the balance I was looking for, but I won’t be sure until I hear back from beta readers and my editor. Oh, and, as promised, we’re on track for an April 1st release. One more episode until the mid-season finale.

E., signing off.



CRUELTY is a serial novel in ten parts.

Episode Four.

Tom Morgan is out of surgery, but far from out of the woods.

With Kirk for bait, Twon and Ollie go fishing.

State Investigator Markum seeks clues concerning the murder of John Landover.

Merlo the Cowardly Dog and Sheriff Randy Miser meet for the first time in a desperate struggle to save each other’s lives.

Momma’s not happy.