New Blog Series Forthcoming!

I will be joining the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Well, not really. I mean, I didn’t sign up or anything. Simply stealing their idea. So, for the 26 days in April… What? There’s not 26 days in April? Well, shit, okay… I guess I’ll take Sundays off, then. Tom Cruise doesn’t like it when I work on His Holiest Day of Holy Self-Worship.

Basically, the schedule looks like this:


Care to join in on the fun? If you do, I’ll steal you your own nifty letter. Look at mine:




Nifty, huh? Just swell. Anyfudge, if you want to join in on the fun, leave a comment below, link me to your bloggity type thingamajig, and hope you have the time and energy to actually pull this shit off. It’ll be fun. Like the 30 Day Book Challenge! Remember that? Yeah, me neither. Been too long since we did something fun together. See you Tuesday, April 1st.



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