Ruminating On: Dicks

Dicks can be small
Dicks can be big
Dicks can also be sticky

Dicks can be fat
Dicks can be thin
Dicks can sometimes be tricky

Dicks can be bald
Some even hairy
Dicks might be covered in sores

Dicks can slide in
Dicks can pop out
Some dicks prefer the backdoor

Dicks can be cut
Dicks can have hoods
Most Dicks will come when they’re urged

If Dick’s sterile
Dick can’t make kids
A few Dicks find this absurd

If there’s a Dick
You love in life
Might want to send him a card

Just like gingers
Dicks can have souls
Being named Richard is hard


6 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Dicks

  1. tyjohnston

    When you said you were thinking about changing some things up, I’d never conceived you’d turn to poetry. I believe a whole collection just like “Dicks” is in order.

  2. tyjohnston

    I was wondering if you were going to write any more about dicks, but then I see your HWA stuff over at the booklikes site.

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