Cruelty Updates!

The votes are in and it’s a landslide. CRUELTY: Episodes 6-10 will be released as one volume, and will be released in September of 2014. You can see the cover at the end of this post. There will also be an omnibus edition of Episodes 1-5, but Episode Five will be available on it’s own as well for those of you who have been following the serial installment by installment. When CRUELTY finally draws to a close, I will be releasing a limited edition run of signed hardcovers, no more than 100 copies will be created. This signed HC edition will include over 15k of deleted material and bloopers, so think of it as a DVD box set of your favorite television program. All in all, you’re looking at over 185,000 words of content. Should be a good-sized novel by the end of things.

My greatest appreciation goes out to everyone whose continued interest in Cruelty’s story has made this project possible.

Episode Five is finished and awaiting editing. Should be out in the next few weeks, if not sooner. Sorry, but that’s the best information I can give right now. I only hire the best editors, and sometimes their schedules are overloaded for that exact reason. Be patient.