I’m Floored… Thank You So Much!

Less than 12 hours in and A FINAL ACT OF CRUELTY’s IndieGoGo Campaign is already at $505. That’s 39% toward the final goal. I’m speechless. I simply want to say thank you over and over and over and over… You get the drift.


I have the best friends and fans in the world. You guys are gonna make me shed some man-tears…





2 thoughts on “I’m Floored… Thank You So Much!

  1. Kimberly Yerina

    I am absolutely going to contribute to this cause, Ed! I was also wondering if you will have h/c’s of the complete CRUELTY available at some point. (I currently have the paperback of 1-5, but would love to own a physical copy of all)!

    Best wishes!

    1. CRUELTY: THE COMPLETE NOVEL (Deluxe Hardcover Edition) will include deleted scenes, bloopers, and character interviews, like a box set of your favorite TV series πŸ˜‰ and has a tentative release date of summer 2015.

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