“The Morning Dew” Synopsis and Cover Reveal!

Coming later today (08/14/2014)…

Ten-year-old Jimmy Dougal can’t wait for his sleepover. Twelve hours in the treehouse out back, accompanied by his two best friends, listening to tunes and devouring Fig Newtons… with no parental interference.

During the night, a vicious storm blows in – a storm that terrifies the neighbor’s livestock.

The next morning, all seems right with the world. That is until one of the boys goes missing. Now the two remaining friends must fight to survive…

The Morning Dew



3 thoughts on ““The Morning Dew” Synopsis and Cover Reveal!

  1. fuonlyknew

    Can’t wait. I did reviews for Just Short of Paradise and Full Moon on my Monday Minis post. Now I’m ready for more. LOL
    So I’m wondering, what’s with the ‘dew’?

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