Public Service Announcement for Aspiring Authors

Stay away from Author Solutions. Everything they offer can be found freelance at a quarter of the price, and these freelance editors and graphic artists will give more of a fuck than Author Solutions. Just because AS is a part of Penguin Publishing Group, do not be fooled into thinking you will be getting the Big Six (Five) treatment. They only want your money.

This is vanity publishing, nothing more. They are charging outrageous fees for services you can find anywhere. If you need help finding editing or cover design, ask me. I know some of the best in the business, and I won’t charge you a finder’s fee.



One thought on “Public Service Announcement for Aspiring Authors

  1. fuonlyknew

    Short, sweet, and telling it like it is! Thanks E. I’ll share this around for ya.
    My blog is back in action now so I’ll be featuring you soon!

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