Ferguson Part Two: Your argument is broken

Now Facebook is alive with the idiocy that is “You didn’t see white people riot when OJ was acquitted.” You’re right, they didn’t. Because white people only riot for bullshit reasons, like their sports team losing.

I provide you with Exhibit A. I shall call this one, “White People Don’t Riot.”

And leave you with my favorite piece of evidence, Exhibit B, entitled, “White People Don’t Loot.”

That guy in the polo shirt looks like a tried and true thug, does he not?

I’m done. Your argument is either racist or idiotic. Quite a few of my “friends” showed their true colors today, or should I say that they showed they don’t like colors if they’re darker than peach. It’s depressing the fuck out of me. I wish I could hug the dumb out of some of you. I’m going to go read, because the real world sucks ass.


3 thoughts on “Ferguson Part Two: Your argument is broken

  1. Jay

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t concern myself with the situation but to see how my friends react to it…I’m almost shocked. Things have become more about race than more important features like your intelligence, humor, goals, etc.

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