You Might Need to Read This. Maybe.

Sometimes the words come and it’s easy. Sometimes the words come and it’s hard. But all it takes is one smile, one tear, one nod of the head, to make everything worth it. You might stumble, and you might fall, but these things pass. You might run up the side of a mountain that seems never ending, but that’s okay too. Because someone else has been there. Someone else has stepped in that line and waited. Someone else has wondered what’s the point. Someone else has poured their heart and soul into the nothing with the hopes of creating something only to realize that not everyone is going to appreciate that something. And you know what? That’s okay, too. Because not everyone needs to understand. Not everyone needs to realize that this meant the world to you. Sometimes all it takes is one. One nod. One smile. One tear. And that makes everything worth it.

Be that one to someone and stop worrying about the rest.