Today in GREAT SHIT! #3

If you’re anything like me, you hate BAD SHIT. Nowadays, loads of BAD SHIT is searchable on the internet and plastered all over the news. These are you’re empty-headed-egotist celebs and your infomercials for products that make straining spaghetti in a colander look like bloody rocket science. BAD SHIT – Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Do you like animals and SHIT? Conservation is GREAT SHIT. Poaching and hunting for sport is BAD SHIT. Gotta feed your family? Kill a deer and eat for a year. Need a trophy? Take up hockey!

We haven’t seen a new baby bison in almost two hundred years. That is UNTIL NOW! Chi-town is in the news today because they be birthing bison, yo! (Translation: The Nature Conservatory in Chicago has confirmed the birth of the first baby bison since 1830.) That’s some GREAT SHIT, lemme tell ya.

Hugs and high fives!



7 thoughts on “Today in GREAT SHIT! #3

  1. Hooray! May the numbers of bison grow and grow. Let them roam wild and free. May they breed without reservation so that their numbers swell to the point that we may safely hunt a small number each year for food. Or, at least, let the endangered wolves take a few each year to feed their packs.

  2. I. Clayton Reynolds

    I love you E., but the idea that no bison has been born since 1830 is so far from reality it really should have have made you do a double take. There are managed herds of bison all over the plains. If no bison had been born since 1830, there would be no parent to birth it. It may be the first one born at the Conservatory, While the population is much lower than it was in 1800, the bison hit it’s near extinction from government subsidized hunting after the civil war (1870ish), the population has had a modest comeback since then. Therefore bison births have been on the increase for the last 150 years. My undergraduate studies had a primary focus on Zooarchaeology and in particular bison hunting on the North American plains.

    1. And I suppose the next thing you’ll tell us is that they sell bison meat at all major grocery stores and Hilary Clinton is actually a woman. PFFT!

  3. I. Clayton Reynolds

    The referenced news is that it is the first wild born bison in the state of Illinois in that time. Bison had a very small range in Illinois to begin with. This is good news for the bison. Great shit as you say. Just not the “only” bison born since 1830.

  4. I. Clayton Reynolds

    I feel like I have fallen for something here. I’m not sure how that happened. Must.Go.Pout. 😉

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