Preservation Movie Mini-Review

The mo-cap actor from 2011’s Game of the Year L.A. Noire, his Lucille Ball-impersonator wife, and some guy doing a cosplay of Shane from The Walking Dead go into the woods where they are hunted down. The film then turns into a piss-poor revenge flick that takes a big sturdy turd on logic. Probably the stupidest well-shot movie I’ve seen this year. I don’t understand how shit like this gets a budget, or how obviously talented filmmakers and actors come together over such a clusterfuck of a script.

In summation: The only way out is to climb over a crumbling rock face, but somehow the killers make it there no problem on their mountain bikes. Fuck you, Movie.

Final Judgment: R. Kelly wouldn’t piss on this.


2 thoughts on “Preservation Movie Mini-Review

  1. Bill

    Too funny! I just watched this a few days ago and thought the same thing about the mountain bikes!! Lame. Be sure to look out for the sequel – “The Segway Killers.” haha.

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