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Pines - Blake Crouch

Even though everybody and their mother’s vibrator read this series last month, I somehow managed to skirt spoilers of any kind. Going in, I knew two things: Blake Crouch wrote it, and M. Night Shouldabeenacontender is producing a television series for FOX based on it. I’ve been a fan of Crouch’s since I read Run and Desert Places a few years ago (highly recommend those two as well), but just never got around to this one. Glad I finally remedied that.

The less you know about Pines the better. The What-the-Fuck moments are what make this book so special.

You know what, stop reading this and go read the book. Anything I tell you will either be a rehashing of the plot or a spoiler.

In summation: Suspenseful, smart, and unexpected. I had a fucking blast. Thanks for that, Blake.

Final Judgment: Why the fuck are you still reading this review?

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