Wayward Review

Wayward - Blake Crouch

Oh, hell yeah, this was awesome.

I’m sorry if you do not find this series as cool as I do, and I fully understand that your mileage might vary, but holy shit Wayward Pines is a fun place to visit. This second book wasn’t as chock full of what-the-fuckery as the first one, but it held its own. And that ending… Dude, I got goosebumps.

I never knew what to expect, and that’s such a refreshing thing to be able to say about book two in a series. I had no idea where Blake was going to go with this sequel and I was kinda worried he’d spent his load with the first book, but he did not disappoint. It’s a much different read than Pines. Deeper, I would say. I enjoyed the introspective parts just as much as I enjoyed the pacing and the characters.

Paul Michael Garcia does another fantastic job with the audiobook. No issues with the production.

In summation: Can’t say I found a single thing I didn’t like, so, just like its predecessor, Wayward gets all the stars. I want to jump directly into the next book, but I need sleep.

Final Judgment: Cool as stasis.

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