Totes my honest opinion. Totally.


Dean Koontz Series Reading Order: Odd Thomas series, Frankenstein series, and all other books - ReadList, Steven Sumner, Tara Sumner

OMG! Totes informative! Like, I was on Wikipedia, right, and I was all, “ODD THOMAS absolutely CANNOT be the FIRST Odd Thomas book, right?!??!?!?!” Then they had all these lists for free that explained in detail which books came in what order, and I totally knew they were illegal or something, so I totally jumped off that site and went to my favoritest place in all the interwebs, you know, G to the R, baby! GOODREADS! And THAT list said the same thing that Wikipedia said. I was all like, “NO WAY?!?!?!?!” But it was also FREE so I knew I HAD TO BE IN TROUBLE!

Thank my heavenly creator because without her I would never have checked on Amazon and found this ONE OF A KIND list that I couldn’t have found ANYWHERE ELSE legally or for FREE! You know something is legit when you totes have to pay a dollar for it.

For real, you guys, don’t be a big stupid-headed dumby dumbkins like me. Pay a dollar for this unique information that you can totally not find anywhere else for free. Not on Google. Not on Wikipedia. Not on GoodReads (which Amazon totally owns). BUY THIS, because I’m totes sure that Dean Koontz gets a cut. Like, why wouldn’t he, you know?

Thank you ReadList for saving my life for the cost of a Mickey D’s cheeseburger. I knew I could count on you!

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