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I have Nightcrawler to review (have watched, haven’t written anything up yet) and The Devil’s Rejects (flashback review coming soon), but I need to watch The Human Centipede 3, Bad Ass (with Danny Trejo) and Jinn (thought it was spelled Djinn?) so I can review them.


My question for you is: Which one should I do next?


The Human Centipede 3


Bad Ass






I know good and well that all three will be terrible experiences (I really don’t want to watch the latest ass-to-mouth fest that is the Centipede movie but am willing to take one for the team). My hope is that we get a fun-filled, riotous, snarky-as-hell review out of one of them. 


So what say you?

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7 thoughts on “Ask the Audience: Next Movie Review

  1. If you review Bad Ass, will you review Danny Trejo’s tattoos? Please?

    I’m afraid watching the Human Centipede movies will destroy my faith in humanity. And orgies.

    1. It was my first choice, but I’ve seen the other ass-to-mouth movies and Jinn looks truly terrible, so I figured I’d give you guys the power. πŸ˜‰

      1. keepyoureyeonthedonut

        I’ve read some reviews of Human Centipede 3 and they pretty much all said it’s really boring and most of the shocking or hilarious scenes were already shown in the trailer.

  2. Classic Book Reading

    Loved Nightcrawler I didn’t really like any of the 3 u asked but if had to choose one Human Centipede 3 just because it’s gross and I liked the first 2.

    1. Unless THC3 and Jinn get a huge boost in the next two hours, it looks like I’m watching Bad Ass. I will watch THC3 soon, though. I’m OCD in the way that I can’t NOT finish a series.

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