One or two of you might have noticed my absence from BookLikes as of late. I have, once again, been in the hospital because of my recurring back problems. I submitted to the ER on Friday afternoon with numbness in my right leg and other symptoms I will not disgust you with. They immediately transferred me 180 miles south by ambulance to Mobile, Alabama, where my neurosurgeon’s practice is located. 


Fast forward to today. I might go home. I might not. I’m waiting for the neurologist to write discharge orders, and for some reason he still hasn’t come by to see me. Not once. If they do not do another surgery to relieve the pressure on my nerves I will be confined to a wheelchair for an indeterminate amount of time, as my right leg can no longer bear weight. I foresee some physical therapy in my future. Yay me.


Anyway, to anyone wondering where I am—here I am, stuck in a holding pattern of sorts. I have plenty to read and write, but I just want to go home. Hopefully, today’s my day.


To all my well wishers, thanks in advance. If I do not respond to your comments, know that I don’t mean any offense. Internet here is shoddy at best, and I only have my tablet, which is hit and miss when it comes to letting me comment on BookLikes.


*hugs and high fives*







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6 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Ed, I am very sorry to hear that your back continues to plague you, man. And to the point that you felt it necessary to visit the ER, no less. That must have been excruciating… 😦 I had noticed your absence, thankee for the update. I’m glad you have plenty to read and write. Hopefully you’ll get your walking papers today.

    1. Thanks, Dust. I’m at home and trying to rest now, but sleep’s evading me. I’ll be updating everyone as to the status and future of my back problems some time tomorrow. Until then, I want to bang out some drug-addled reviews lol

      1. Anytime. You can count on me.:) Thank goodness you’re home, but I am concerned. Hopefully the prognosis wasn’t too bad. Until then, try to rest and be as productive as you can. Just don’t overdo it!

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