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Snuff - Chuck Palahniuk

I’m not gonna beat around the bush. Snuff is as enjoyable as a wet fart in a hot shower. This is also the book that started Palahniuk’s dive into mediocrity and self parody. Pygmy is the deepest depth to which Chuck sank before grabbing the life preserver that was Damned, at least in my opinion. I know people still think he hasn’t written a good book since Diary, but I thought his romp in Hell was big fun.

This is my second time reading this one, and I only gave it another chance because a) I had a spare Audible code, b) it was short, coming in at just under 5 hours, and c) I figured maybe the book would be better if I listened to it. Hey! It’s happened before, I swear!

The premise is simple. Instead of the Houston 500 (the real-life super orgy wherein 500 dudes all try and hump a porn queen name Houston), you have 600 rock-hard chaps snackin’ and slappin’ and plottin’ to be a part of Cassie Wright’s final spacklin’ party. During this time, we’re led to believe that Cassie might be related to one of her bones-at-the-throne. And that’s about it. There’s the signature Palahniuk twist and shocking ending, only this one is more befitting an episode of Columbo than it is a novel from the writer of such mind-blowingly original shit asInvisible Monsters and Choke.

Snuff reads as if Chuck Palahniuk simply wanted to see how many faux-adult-film parodies he could title before the end of the book. Not a single movie reference was funny. In fact, most of Palahniuk’s witty humor is missing in action. I think I laughed once, and that was because I couldn’t believe how it ended. Not because I was shocked but because I couldn’t believe that THATwas supposed to be the twist. Kinda like opening a Mystery-Flavored Airhead and finding the word PINEAPPLE stamped across a strip of white taffy.

In summation: Sadly, this is only the first in a series of total letdowns from one of my favorite authors. I don’t talk about Chuck Palahniuk enough, but the guy’s one of my literary heroes. It always hurts when I hate something from him, as it does when Stephen King lets me down. My advice is to stay away fromSnuff. There really is nothing noteworthy going on here. Just an author lurching through the motions and stumbling over his own feet.

Final Judgment: A Ron Jeremy product placement.

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5 thoughts on “Snuff Review

  1. Great review! Palahniuk is one author I’ve been curious about for years, but have yet to read. I’ll keep your thoughts on this one in mind, and try Fight Club or Lullaby instead. Have you read those two? By the way, I can totally relate to the pain you feel whenever King lets me down.. It’s almost a physical ache..

    1. Ah yes, that ache is real. Almost heart rending because we know what he’s capable of. I actually suggest starting to LULLABY and moving to FIGHT CLUB. LULLABY is probably my least favorite of his “great” books. My all time favorite from him is, hands down, INVISIBLE MONSTERS. That one’s on my top 20 of all time list. I’ve never read anything like it and it deserves to be held to a higher acclaim than the meager cult following it has.

  2. Exactly!! With books like Dr. Sleep, us longtime Constant Readers KNOW he is capable of so much more, and that is why we feel the ache so much deeper.. By the way, what are your thoughts on Dr. Sleep? You are the second person to recommend starting with Lullaby, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. Thanks, man.:) I’ll check out Invisible Monsters. If you hold in to such very high regard, it must be amazing.

    1. Dr. Sleep was terrific until the ending. Abra was so overpowered I never truly felt any fear for her. I gave it 3.5 stars due to the lackluster finale.

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